I can say painting knives -instead of brushes- are offering me the chance to get better color results, just the way I needed it to be!

This is a particular from my new work “Fake lack of attention”, which is a small oil on canvas. Other oils will follow this first experiment of mine. I have found out knives are good to give the painting an air of spontaneity, without losing its veil of realism.

Ken the Chiwawa (named this way by his owner after the popular warrior!) is the proof to that. That’s the evidence that not always a peculiar search for details “at any cost” can be the only way to give a realistic consistency to paintings.

Is nowadays “fragmented” life (in terms of time, occupation, social life, an so on) a back to impressionism? That might be.  I’ll try with some landscapes that are following this portrait.

Fake lack of attention, detail, oil on canvas, 2016

Working with new materials and discovering new techniques were the only ways I could use to start painting again, to restart using colors instead of only black and white. I had to make a clean break with the past and, of course, painting knives gave me this precious opportunity! That was the only way to me to approach a new way to consider life and reality and to try to portray them again.

I chose new subjects, such as Piedmont landscapes and new interesting faces.

So please stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!

The Stain, oil on canvas