"Time, track #4"
“Time, track #4”, 2016, detail, oil on canvas


There’s always time, in life, to find different ways, to discover, to find out something we didn’t know about ourselves. One sometimes only needs to abandon themselves to the undisclosed feeling of facing the new.

That’s how I found out that nature can keep on surprising you in a million different misterious ways. “I went to the woods” -just to quote one of my favourite writers- in a sort of inactive spirit, with that (fake) haughty sense of knowing already what has to be known. “So”, my thought was, “I’ll see something interesting, but not new at all”.  And I accepted going to the Nivolet peaks, 8570 feet above sea level.

I was completely wrong: it was all new. The colors, nature itself, Roberto’s way of looking at things. That’s what surprised me the most. A man, his camera, nature all around: they were parts of a uniqe whole. Time stopped, space widened.  Music: in my mind Pink Floyd’s “Time” started to play.

As I came back home, I tried to remember. I took my painting knives and an old empty canvas I had stored somewhere. Everything came out so naturally. Nonetheless, the light and the shades of grey I sused, they were all so new to me too. Probably, that’s the color my memories have. Of course, I painted while listening to “The Dark Side of the Moon”.

That’s all about exploring, all about nature, human nature. That’s all about time and your personal relation to it. That reminded me of one of Stephen Hawking’s most popular quotes:

There is no unique picture of reality“.