Life through a cookie


Can life be seen through the lens of a cookie? In some ways, it can.

I have always thought that art is only a tool that the human beings use from time to time,  to cope with the fact that the world -and life itself- are entities that need to be screened, labelled and classified in order to be considered acceptable. People cannot live in chaos, that is certain, even those who -like me- always keep their desktop in a mess of sheets and post-it everywhere.

This reflection led me to consider that I needed to keep on making my art, even when I was completely out of time, of paper and ink. Once I came across this Mexican-American artist whose work definitely blew me away. His social media nickname sounds like “Rob The Original” and, boom! I crushed into his creativity. He is able to make art with almost everything, from salt to coffee beans to powder. Only a couple of times I saw him carving a pair of Oreos and that was love at first sight. In my mind, he was nothing but restablishing the order he wanted to see, out of the small things we deal with everyday.

My imagination went further and further…

Why couldn’t I play on the fact that our imagination is crowded with names and brands and people with names tha became brands? This has always fascinated me a lot. How collective imaginary works, how it is created. And this is just an aspect of the whole path. So, I took my Oreos (very popular cookies) and started to carve famous people’s portraits within them. I collected the pictures in an Instagram gallery under the name of “The Real Oreo Lady” – that is supposed to be me.

My question stays open. What is is that we trust the most? Do we find more confort in the person that is portrayed, in the Brand that we love, in the cookie itself or in the supposed-to-be artist who created it? Remember that the cookie expires in a few days, maybe a little before popularity, hopefully way before life. Unless you are a butterfly.

Only art lives on.




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